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Calculator5 Dirctly work from your keyboard

Our calculator responds directly to your keyboard commands for a seamless and efficient experience.

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Calculator5 Designed for Office Work

This calculator serves the needs of users around the world and its calculations are followed by mathematical standards. keeping in view the business and working needs we are offering calculators for office work, accounts work, student's calculations, teaching, and all calculation-related purposes.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys

  1. Clear : c, esc, clear, or num
  2. Equal To: = and enter key
  3. Squar Root : s
  4. MRC : m
  5. Plus : +
  6. Minues : -
  7. Multiply : *
  8. Percent : %
  9. Division : /

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Who Can Use This Calculator

We are launching this new calculator webpage for office, school, and business calculations. This is a good calculator for businesses, accountants, working professionals, office workers, students, and home offices. Please let us know via email if you need a new calculator or function.

Functions of the Calculator

We will keep updating and monitoring the functionalities of our calculators as per the latest technologies. If you need any specific function or calculator just let us know at Contact Us.

Works with Keyboard

This calculator works perfectly with computer and laptop keyboards, so you can easily perform all accounting and other calculations on your computer screen.

Calculate Upto 20 Digits

This calculator works up to twenty digits with decimal and without decimal figures. So you can perform all types of long calculations with this calculator.

Where This Calculator Can Be Used

This online calculator can be used in offices, schools, factors, businesses, companies, accounts offices, marketing offices, finance offices, administration offices, human resource offices, and other places where the calculator is needed.

Chrome Extension for Our Calculator

Calculator extension for chrome web browser will be added soon.

Calculator with Memory Function

This online calculator has a memory function with the keys M+ for adding value to memory and M- to subtract a value from memory, and MRC to View and Clear Memory.

Is It Free?

Yes, this calculator is available for free usage for all types of mathematical, accounting, and other calculations.'s sole focus is to provide accurate and fast free online calculators for our visitors. We offer finance, fitness, health, math, and general calculators, and we are still developing more. Therefore, all of our calculators and services at are completely free.

However, please let us know if you find any errors in our calculators or have suggestions for improvement. Your input is extremely valuable to us. Some of our calculators are for specific countries, which is mentioned in the description of calculators if specified for a country with local rules, rates, and conditions. Meanwhile, most calculators of calculators at are designed for global use.

Our Calculators are Commonly Used for a Variety of Mathematical and Statistical Calculations, Including:

  1. Basic arithmetic operations: Calculators can be used to perform basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  2. Fractions: Calculators can be used to perform calculations with fractions, including adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions.
  3. Decimals: Calculators can be used to perform calculations with decimals, including rounding, multiplying, and dividing decimals.
  4. Percentages: Calculators can be used to perform calculations with percentages, including finding the percentage of a number, converting between fractions and percentages, and calculating discounts.
  5. Square roots: Calculators can be used to find the square root of a number.
  6. Exponents: Calculators can be used to calculate exponents, including raising a number to a power and finding the square root of a number.
  7. Logarithms: Calculators can be used to calculate logarithms, including finding the logarithm of a number to a given base.
  8. Trigonometry: Calculators can be used to perform trigonometric calculations, including finding the sine, cosine, and tangent of an angle.
  9. Statistical calculations: Calculators can be used to perform statistical calculations, including finding the mean, median, mode, and standard deviation of a set of numbers.
  10. Conversion between units: Calculators can be used to convert between different units of measurement, such as inches to centimeters or pounds to kilograms.

About Us: Creating Free Tools and Content For You

We are happily IT and Marketing professionals creating free tools and content on the Internet. The purpose of is to provide a comprehensive collection of free online web calculators for ease of office work, study work, financial work use.

We are always open to suggestions for improvement of our calculators, adding new calculators, formula suggestions, features, and design improvements. So you can send your feedback through Contact Us form.

The calculators on this site were grouped into three categories initially: financial, math, and health calculators. Some of our calculators are open source and use open-source JavaScript components under different open-source licenses.

Most of our calculators are based on commonly used formulas and equations from textbooks, such as the mortgage calculator, BMI calculator, etc. We will be adding formulas in the article section of the relevant calculator’s page. If formulas are controversial, we provide the results of all popular formulas, as seen in the Ideal Weight Calculator. Calculators such as the couple love calculator that are solely meant for amusement are based on internal formulas.

The results of the financial calculators were reviewed by our financial advisors. The results of the health calculators were reviewed and approved by local doctors.

Most of the descriptive content was written and developed in-house, with a small amount of content taken from under the GNU Free Documentation License. Our financial advisors created and reviewed the descriptive content of the financial calculators. The descriptive content of the health calculators was reviewed by local doctors.

You can browse our calculators if you need a specific type of calculator for your health, finance, mathematical-related problem-solving.

Thanks for reading the about us section. We will be happy to serve your calculation needs.